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Monday, January 7, 2019

Harrisburg City Skyline and Susquehanna River Bridges

Harrisburg City Skyline and Susquehanna River Bridges
Harrisburg is the city capitol of the state of Pennsylvania and sits right along the banks of the Susquehanna River. It's the 10th largest populated city in the state and the city was named after John Harris Jr. and Sr. In 1791, Harrisburg became incorporated, and in October 1812 it was named the Pennsylvania state capitol.

Back in the 1950's my maternal and paternal families immigrated to Harrisburg and the surrounding areas. My maternal family immigrated to the United States from Italy and my paternal family immigrated to the United States from Germany. The city itself is a big mixing pot of all kinds of different nationalities which is really nice!

The Susquehanna River runs along the west side of the city. Many people refer to Camp Hill as the west shore and Harrisburg as the east shore with the river running between to the two cities. City Island sits in the middle of the Susquehanna River and hosts the Harrisburg Senators baseball games, a miniature golf course and other attractions for residents and tourists to enjoy. It's the home base for the Susquehanna Riverboat too!

Today I wanted to share a nice photograph that I took of the Susquehanna River, the river bridges and the Harrisburg city skyline that I took a few months ago. I took the photograph while standing on the bridge and shooting my camera towards the city. If you're familiar with the area, I'm sure you'll recognize the bridges and high-rise buildings. As you can see, it was a picture-perfect weather day!
Harrisburg State Capitol Building in Pennsylvania

Just for fun, I'm including a photograph that I took of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building located in downtown Harrisburg. The State Capitol Complex offers tours to groups and to the public. The Capitol building is listed as a National Historic Landmark and the building wad dedicated on October 4th, 1906. There is an on-site welcome center and gift shop for you to enjoy too.

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