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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Waymarking 3 Town Clocks in Wildwood New Jersey

Wildwoods Beach Balls in New Jersey - Located Near Boardwalk & Convention Center
If you're into're going to love visiting the Wildwoods in New Jersey. If you're unfamiliar with the area...the island is comprised of North Wildwood, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and West Wildwood areas. It's a barrier island that sits right off the southern New Jersey coast, just a 10 minute drive from Stone Harbor and Cape May.

As you drive around the island you'll be treated to some real goodies if you're into Waymarking. On this particular trip...we set out to find all of the official town clocks on the island. Here is what we found.
North Wildwood Town Clock in New Jersey - Located in front of City Hall

The North Wildwood Town Clock sits right out in front of the North Wildwood City Hall building located on Atlantic Avenue. It's a tall black column style clock with the wording North Wildwood inscribed in gold across the top. It has your standard 4 round clock faces, one on each side.
Wildwood Historical Museum Town Clock in New Jersey

The Wildwood Historical Museum is located on Pacific Avenue and you'll find the Wildwood Museum Clock on the corner in front of the museum building. It's a column style clock brightly painted in red with 2 white clock faces. It appears to be an "older" style in design, just my opinion on that.
Wildwood Crest Savings Bank Town Clock in New Jersey

The Crest Savings Bank Town Clock is rounding out our list today. It is very similar to the first clock on our list painted in black with 4 round white faces. You'll see the wording at the top of each face that says "Crest Savings Bank". You'll find it further down on Pacific Avenue, one of the main avenues that runs north to south on the island.

We've been told that there are a few more official "town clocks" on the Wildwood island and we're hoping to find those on our next trip down to the Jersey Shore.

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