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Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Harrisburg City Historical Marker

Over the past 7 years we've been documenting the historical markers that we come across while traveling across the great state of Pennsylvania. Millions of people drive by them or walk by them every day and don't give them a second look. When was the last time you stopped to read one? These historical markers are an important part of our state's history.

This particular Harrisburg City Historical Marker (there are several of them that lead into the city), is located across the street from Reservoir Park on State Street, on the left when traveling east or on the right when traveling west. This street is a heavily traveled thoroughfare, so you'll want to pull off the road and into the laundromat's parking lot, if you want to get a decent photograph of the marker.
Harrisburg City Historical Marker in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg Historical Marker reads as follows:

Pennsylvania's capital since 1812. As Harris' Ferry, was settled a century before by John Harris Sr. Laid out as a town in 1785 by John Harris Jr. For over 200 years a center of travel, trade and historic events.

By: 1946 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

This historical marker is quite old and really should be updated (remodeled) or replaced. It's peeling of the paint, has a lot of "dings" and was tilted in its appearance. If they replace it and update it, perhaps passerby's will take notice of it. You really need to get up close to read it due to the faded colors and peeling paint.

If you're waymarking and documenting historical markers throughout the state of Pennsylvania, you'll find a lot of them documented right here on our blog under the Historical Markers section. You can double-click on our photograph to have it open up in a new browsing window and in an enlarged size, so that you can see the details.

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