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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Battle of Brandywine Historical Marker in Chester County

A few weeks ago we visited West Chester in Pennsylvania and stumbled upon the Battle of Brandywine historical marker. When we travel across the state we're always looking for and documenting the historical markers that we find. These important markers are passed by travelers every day and not given a second thought. We're trying to change that because these markers contain important facts & information about our country's past.

Here's some information from Wikipedia about the Battle of Brandywine:

"The Battle of Brandywine, also known as the Battle of Brandywine Creek, was fought between the American Continental Army of General George Washington and the British Army of General Sir William Howe on September 11, 1777. The "Redcoats" of the British Army defeated the American rebels in the Patriots' forces and forced them to withdraw northeast toward the American capital and largest city of Philadelphia where the Second Continental Congress had been meeting since 1775. The engagement occurred near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania during Howe's campaign to take Philadelphia, part of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). More troops fought at Brandywine than any other battle of the American Revolution. It was also the longest single-day battle of the war, with continuous fighting for 11 hours."
The Battle of Brandywine Historical Marker in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Here is the information contained on the historical marker:

The battle ended just southwest of here at nightfall. With Howe and his troops holding the field, Washington’s force withdrew to Chester. Although he was wounded, Lafayette helped to reorganize the retreating troops, and Pulaski’s cavalry protected them from attack.

By: 1952 by Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission.

If you're waymarking and documenting historical markers across the state, you'll find The Battle of Brandywine marker on Wilmington Pike (US Route 202) in Birmingham, Pennsylvania. It's on the right side of the road when traveling south. You can pull into the parking lot of the Italian pizza restaurant, park and get out to photograph it. Officially it's located on the border of West Chester and Birmingham in Chester County.

Note: You can find hundreds of documented historical markers here on our travel blog and over on our Pinterest board. You can double-click on the photo to have it open up in a new browsing window and in an enlarged size.

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