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Friday, April 19, 2019

Collier's Liquor Store Wall Mural in Cape May

Collier's Liquor Store Wall Mural in Cape May, New Jersey
If you've been following our travel blog for the past 9 years you'll already know that we're big fans of outdoor street art and wall murals. Every time we travel we're on the lookout for them and enjoy documenting them here on our blog. It's a great way to discover new artists that are usually local to the area that we're visiting.

While on vacation in Cape May, New Jersey, we stumbled upon this wall mural that was painted onto the side of the Collier's Liquor Store building. This liquor store is located really close to the Washington Street Mall and faces a large parking lot that shoppers like to use. It takes up the entire wall and was painted by the artist Brian DeMusz. We looked online for some information about him, but couldn't find any.
Collier's Liquor Store Wall Mural in Cape May New Jersey

The entire wall mural is done in a liquor store theme and features wines from around the world, ice cold beer from your favorite brands, etc. The artist's name is located in the bottom left-hand corner. Overall I think it's a decent mural, but definitely could of included more items and perhaps tied-in a little bit of a Cape May or seashore theme. Just my 2 cents on that!

When photographing wall murals and street art we recommend that you take several photographs. You want to get a full shot, a close-up of the artist's signature and then close-ups of some of the designs if it's a "busier" design. This one was pretty simple, so we only opted for 2 photographs.

If you enjoy this type of outdoor street art you can visit our Street Art & Wall Murals section here on the travel blog or hop onto Pinterest to see our special board over there. Enjoy!

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