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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Coastal Street Art Whale Wall Mural in Wildwood

In 2008 the world-famous artist Wyland painted a beautiful wall mural on the side of the Boardwalk Mall building in Wildwood, New Jersey. That Whaling Whale drew thousands of visitors to see it every year. As you strolled down the boardwalk you would see the large mural painted on the outside wall of the Boardwalk Mall.
Coastal Street Art Whale Wall Mural in Wildwood, New Jersey

The building was sold and the new owners were making repairs to the building and did some power washing on the outside walls. As you can imagine...the power washing totally destroyed the beautiful wall mural that was painted by Wyland.

Locals and visitors to the Wildwoods demanded that the mural be replaced. Wyland was unavailable so a local artist named Russell Simmons  from the Wildwood Arts Foundation came in to make a new mural. It too features a beautiful whale, but frankly...I was disappointed when I saw the new design. Why you might ask? Well, it's just one whale and very basic in its design. It also appears to be swimming upside down by many people who have seen it. Again, just opinions.
Coastal Street Art Whale Wall Mural in Wildwood, New Jersey

If you would like to see the original Wyland Whaling Wall you can visit my previous post that I wrote in September 2015 that contains several photographs that I took. You can compare the two murals and come up with your own conclusions.

We love street art and outdoor wall murals and have documented many of them here on the blog. When we travel...we're always seeking out new ones to see. It's a great way to be introduced to new local artists and let's face it...they're beautiful to see. You can check out other wall murals and street art designs right here on our travel blog.

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