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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thrush's Christmas and Holiday Lights in Harrisburg

Thrush's Christmas Lights in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
During the holiday season our family gets together and goes out to see the Christmas and holiday lights in the central Pennsylvania area. Part of our family tradition is to visit Thrush's Christmas and Holiday Lights in Harrisburg and on a different night we will head down to Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey. In between those two main attractions we drive around the area just checking out the holiday lights in various neighborhoods that we know have good displays.

If you're unfamiliar with the area you'll find Thrush's Christmas Lights located at 4104 Lisa Drive in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Every year the home owner puts out a huge display of Christmas lights all throughout his property. It's totally FREE to visit and you can visit as often as you would like. You can visit their Facebook page for driving directions and up-to-date attraction information.
Thrush's Christmas Lights in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

As grandparents we like to take our grandchildren out to see the Christmas light displays and always plan ahead for them. I like to pack up snack bags of cookies, popcorn, candies, etc. along with thermal cups of freshly made hot cocoa. We take along a few throw blankets to keep them warm as we often roll down the windows to see the displays. To enhance the mood I recommend turning on some holiday music too!

When visiting Thrush's Christmas Lights, I recommend that you go during a weeknight evening whenever possible. They can get busy during the weekends. You'll want to park on the side of the street and enter the display through their front yard. This is a self-guided walking tour, so feel free to take your time as you walk through.
Thrush's Christmas Lights in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

You'll see all kinds of different holiday displays and twinkling lights! You can tell this home owner really enjoys outdoor inflatables and has a ton of them for you to see! I really like that he's created special "theme" areas as you go along. I adore snowman displays, so I was really excited to see that there were plenty of Snowmen for me to enjoy.

We met the home owner during our tour last year and spent a few minutes chatting with him. You could really tell that he loves Christmas and all of the meaning that goes along with it. On the night that we were there he was outside handing out candy canes to all of the visitors who had stopped by and he (and we) really enjoyed it.
Thrush's Christmas Lights in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

For first time visitors who are bringing children along with them I recommend that you plan on spending at least 30 minutes of time while there. This will allow you all to walk through the displays and take photographs along the way. There is no need for you to rush and there are no set time limits. As a family we enjoy visiting Thrush's Christmas Lights year, after year and it has become an annual holiday tradition.

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