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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Street Art: Roxy's Welcome to Wildwood Wall Mural

We've been going down to the Jersey Shore several times a year for the past 30+ years. When it comes to my family's vacation time, we love spending it down at the Jersey Shore. Our favorite coastal towns in New Jersey are Ocean City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood and Cape May. Yes, visiting south Jersey is the best in our book!

Every time we go down there we're on the lookout for new street art and outdoor wall murals that we haven't seen before. We are HUGE fans of street art and coastal wall murals and have photographed about 40 different ones located around New Jersey. You can find those posts right HERE on our blog.
Street Art: Roxy's Welcome to Wildwood Wall Mural in New Jersey

While on a recent trip down to Wildwood we stumbled upon the Roxy's Welcome to Wildwood outdoor wall mural. It's located on the side of the building at Roxy's Beer, Wine, and Liquor on 2600 Atlantic Avenue which is one of the main avenues on the island. It sits on the corner, so you should be able to see it quite easily.

The wall mural says Roxy's Welcome to Wildwood and features palm trees, an air plane, ocean waves, and of course a lot of liquor bottles and wordage related to alcohol. I checked out the mural pretty closely and I couldn't find an artist's signature on it. It's an "okay" wall mural but definitely could be a LOT better. Just average if you ask me.

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