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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tun Tavern Historical Marker in Philadelphia

For the past few years we've been driving around the state of Pennsylvania and documenting some of the historical markers that we come across. The information contained on these historical markers document our forgotten past. Thousands of people pass by them on a daily basis and don't even give them a second look. Well, we're trying to change that, by documenting them here on our blog.

While roaming around the downtown area in Philadelphia we stumbled upon the Tun Tavern historical marker. If you're waymarking and looking for the marker you'll find it at the intersection of South Front Street and Samson Street, on the right when traveling north on South Front Street.
Tun Tavern Historical Marker in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Here's the information on the Tun Tavern Historical Marker:

Near here stood Tun Tavern, 1693–1781, which is regarded as the traditional birthplace of the United States Marine Corps, authorized by a resolution of the Continental Congress, November 10, 1775. SEMPER FIDELIS

By: 2005 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

Philadelphia is such a historical city in our country's past. If you're a history buff, you'll want to visit Philly, especially the downtown and business districts. If you plan on staying for the weekend you can find information here on our blog on places to stay, restaurants to visit and a great list of things to see and do while you're there.

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