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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The BEST Oceanfront Dog Park in Wildwood

People are traveling with their pets more and more every day. We've seen an uptick in this trend over the past few years. The majority of pets that we see hitting the road with their owners are dogs with cats following behind.

While on vacation down to Wildwood in New Jersey we discovered a fairly new (only has been open the past 2-3 years) dog park that sits directly on the beach! This dog park is like no's a beach paradise for your favorite friend!
The BEST Oceanfront Dog Park in Wildwood, New Jersey

The park is divided into two separate areas with both areas being fenced in. There is a gazebo that sits between the two play areas, so owners can sit down to relax while fido plays. There are ramps for dogs to climb, tunnels to run through, stairs to climb and ropes to swing on. This doggie park has it all!

After play time has concluded your furry friend can get a quick drink at the on-site watering station (water fountain). This dog park is free for you to enjoy, but please read and follow all of the posted rules. You must control your dog at all times and keep an eye on him/her as they play. It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog when you're done.
The BEST Oceanfront Dog Park in Wildwood, New Jersey

Dogs still can't be on the Wildwoods boardwalk unless they're an official service dog. There are two nearby entrances to the dog park that run underneath the boardwalk where you can enter. Dogs can't be on the beach other than at this designated park during the in-season of the year. When heading to and from the dog must remain on a leash. Happy Wagging Tails!

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