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Friday, March 6, 2020

Zombie Shark T-Shirts Street Art Wall Mural in Wildwood

Zombie Shark T-Shirts Street Art in Wildwood, New Jersey
Every time we travel we check out street art and wall murals that we find along the way. It's always fun to discover new pieces and new artists which are typically local to that specific area. Some of the murals are just plain fun while others have an important message or unique design.

While on vacation in Wildwood, New Jersey we discovered a brand new wall mural on the side of a retail store up on the Wildwoods Boardwalk. The mural is for Zombie Shark T-Shirts and features a shark that is now a zombie. If you look closely at it you'll see tropical fish, jellyfish, sharks, a whale, a ship's anchor, etc. in the background. 
Zombie Shark T-Shirts Street Art in Wildwood, New Jersey

You'll find the artist's signature in the bottom right corner which says Bob "Nexus" Ortiz and it was painted in July 2019. It's fairly new which is why the colors are still nice and vibrant. In the painted scroll you'll see Wildwood, N.J. and below that you'll see the words "In Loving Memory of David". There could of been more wordage but we couldn't see it thanks to the garbage cans obstructing our view.

The wall mural takes up the entire side of the building of that retail store. You can get a nice photograph of it by standing up on the boardwalk or going down the ramp and shooting across the street and using your camera's zoom. We think it makes a nice addition to all of the street art that you can find when visiting Wildwood in New Jersey.

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