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Friday, April 17, 2020

Street Art Wall Mural at Capital Joe in Harrisburg

A brand new wall mural was added during #HbgMuralFest 2019 on the side of the Capital Joe building in downtown Harrisburg. If you've never visited Capital Joe's...they offer some of the best espresso drinks, coffee, teas, baked goods, etc. in the downtown area.
Street Art Wall Mural at Capital Joe in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The wall mural was painted by artist Arthur Haywood IV and features a female astronaut with an outer space theme in the background. I really like the "pops" of color that the artist selected for this piece. Women have come a long way and its nice to see their accomplishments in space now being recognized.

If you're looking to photograph it you'll find off-street parking nearby. There is an old stone Baptist Church that sits next door which is pretty to look at it too! While there...we recommend that you go into Capital Joe's and pick up an espresso and muffin. Delicious! We'll definitely be back when we're in the area again.

Note: You can double-click on the image to have it open up in an enlarged size so that you can see the details. Thank you for helping us to keep our travel blog mobile reader friendly.

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