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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Col. Timothy Green Historical Marker in Dauphin

We enjoy seeking out historical markers when traveling. They're full of historical facts and information that are often forgotten or overlooked. Thousands of people drive-by or walk-by these markers and never give them a second look. We're hoping to change that and we've been documenting them here on the travel blog.

The Col. Timothy Green historical marker is located in Dauphin, Pennsylvania (in Dauphin County) at the intersection of Claster Blvd. and Floral Lane. Here's the information.
Col. Timothy Green Historical Marker in Dauphin Pennsylvania

In the graveyard to the south rests Timothy Green, officer in the French and Indian War; signer of the Hanover Independence Resolves in June, 1774; an outstanding leader of this region in the Revolution.

By: 1948 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

We did a little online research and found out the following information about him. We did document another historical marker in Dauphin County that mentions Col. Timothy Green and you can check out that post HERE to learn more about him. It isn't much, so I'll have to hit the library in a few weeks to see what else I can find about him.

Born: 1735
Death: 1812
Buried: in Dauphin Cemetery, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
Gravesite: Includes an official Revolutionary War Marker

If you're looking for the historical marker and doing some waymarking you'll find it on the right side of the street if you're traveling north at the intersection of Claster Blvd. and Floral Lane. It's located in a residential area and you can safely pull off the side of the road to photograph it and document it for your waymarking records.

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