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Friday, May 29, 2020

The Burd Tombs Historical Marker

Burd Tombs Historical Marker in Middletown, Pennsylvania
Over the past 8 years we've been following the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Trail all through our great state and documenting them here on the blog. Millions of people walk or drive by these markers every year and never give them a second thought. They're a great source of historic information and we're trying to bring some much needed attention to them.

While following the Historical Marker Trail through Dauphin County and Middletown we came across the Burd Tombs historical marker. It's located on N. Union Street and Park Circle Road which runs through a residential area. You can pull off the side of the road to photograph the marker if you're waymarking and following the trail.
Burd Tombs Historical Marker in Middletown, Pennsylvania

Burd Tombs

Col. James Burd of "Tinian", able and gallant officer in the colonial wars, author of the Middletown Resolves for Independence, June 1774, and wife, Sarah Shippen, lie buried near the entrance of Middletown Cemetery.

By: 1946 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.
Middletown Cemetery in Dauphin County Pennsylvania

The Middletown Cemetery sits across the street (to the left) and is open to the public. You'll want to enter the cemetery via the front gates and you'll find their graves located nearby. Previously we've documented the official Col. James Burd historical marker and you can visit that post to learn more about him and that particular marker which is located 2 1/2 miles away.

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