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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

MACE HOSPITAL Historical Marker in North Wildwood

MACE HOSPITAL Historical Marker in North Wildwood, New Jersey
Over the past 8 years we've been following the New Jersey Historical Marker Trail all through the Garden State and documenting them here on the blog. Millions of people walk or drive by these markers every year and never give them a second thought. They're a great source of historic information and we're trying to bring some much needed attention to them.

While on vacation down at the Jersey Shore we stumbled upon this brand new historical marker located at 25th Street and Atlantic Avenue in the borough of North Wildwood, New Jersey. Here's the information imprinted on it.
MACE HOSPITAL Historical Marker in North Wildwood, New Jersey

Borough of North Wildwood 1906-1917
Mace Hospital

The Frederick Sutton home, built here in 1905, was sold to Dr. Margaret Mace after Mr. Sutton perished on the Titanic. Opened in 1915, the Wildwood Sanitarium soon became known as Dr. Mace's Hospital. When she retired in 1950, Dr. Mace delivered over 6,000 babies and treated everything from colds to shipwreck injuries. She died in 1951 as the most beloved woman in North Wildwood history. The building was torn down in 1961.

By: City of North Wildwood - New Jersey

If you want to photograph the historical marker for your waymarking records you'll find plenty of off-street parking nearby and its situated right in front of a large building with a parking lot. I believe its a restaurant but I forget the name. It's a brand new marker and was installed in 2019.

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