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Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Historic Roseman Covered Bridge in Madison County

The historic Roseman Covered Bridge is located in Madison County, Iowa and was featured in the novel The Bridges of Madison County and the movie. It spans across Middle River and was built in 1883 by Harvey P. Jones and George K. Foster. Added to the Register of Historic Places in September 1976.
Roseman Covered Bridge in Madison County, Iowa

It measures 107 feet in length and is considered to be haunted by the locals. The road leading to and from the bridge is made of gravel. It's off-the-beaten path and the drive is pretty bumpy. With that said, you'll be treated to some gorgeous scenery along the way.  There is a plaque located near the one entrance of the bridge that will give you additional information. 

This was a nice little stop-off during our road trip through Iowa and Madison County. If you're a covered bridge'll find several others located within the county too. We enjoy visiting and documenting all of the covered bridges that we come across as they're a big part of this country's history. 

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