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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Amish in Western Pennsylvania

The Amish in Western Pennsylvania

When most people think of Amish country in Pennsylvania they think of the large Amish community located in Lancaster County. However, there are Amish communities located throughout the Keystone state with each having their own set of rules and guidelines. The old order Amish live the most conservative lifestyle out of all of the groups.

North of Pittsburgh you'll find a large Amish community in Lawrence County around the towns of New Wilmington and Volant. This community is said to be the third largest in the United States. You'll find Amish communities in 28 states and in Canada.  

Last year we visited the New Wilmington and Volant areas for the weekend and had a nice time checking out the area. One of the first things that we noticed was the color of their horse and buggies which is different from those found in Lancaster County. In western Pennsylvania they're painted a burnt orange and black color. 
The Amish in Western Pennsylvania

The Amish are important members of the community. They're heavily involved in agriculture and farming. They own local businesses and work side-by-side with other members in the community. They shop the same retail businesses that we do and many of those businesses offer horse and buggy parking. 

When visiting these type's of communities you need to be respectful. The Amish don't like having their faces photographed. Please don't go onto private property to photograph them. You can observe and photograph from afar. It's important to respect their privacy. 

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