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Thursday, April 21, 2022

John Bannister Gibson Historical Marker in Carlisle

Over the last 12 years we've been following the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Trail all through our great state and documenting them on the blog. Millions of people walk or drive by these markers every year and never give them a second thought. They're a great source of historic information and we're trying to bring some much needed attention to them. 

While following the Historical Marker Trail through Cumberland County when we came across the JOHN BANNISTER GIBSON historical marker in Carlisle. This particular area has a lot of them, so follow the official trail to find them all. This one is located on High Street. You can get out and photograph it (safely) for your waymarking records. This is another older one but in great shape, some of the other ones on this section of the trail could use a good cleaning and update. 
John Bannister Gibson Historical Marker in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
John Bannister Gibson 

Distinguished jurist and author of legal books, lived in this house from about 1820 until his death, 1853; Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for 24 years of his 37 years membership. 

By: 1949 Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. 

If you're interested in following the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Trail and/or interested in waymarking them you can find additional information in our Historical Markers section right here on the Pennsylvania and Beyond Travel Blog.

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