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Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Beautiful Statue of Liberty in Dauphin County

Central Pennsylvania has its very own Statue of Liberty sitting out in the middle of the Susqhueanna River along route 322 at the Dauphin Narrows. This replica stands 25 feet tall and was built on an old railroad bridge piling that used to span across the Susquehanna River. As you can see, that bridge is long gone. 

The replica State of Liberty was built by a local resident, Gene Stilp, who constructed it in 1986 to commemorate the original statue's centennial. It was originally constructed out of ventian blinds and fiberglass. It stood proud until 1992 when a series of storms damaged it and it was removed. A few years later a new statue was rebuilt and helicoptered out onto the old stone piling where it stands today.

Statue of Liberty in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

How to find Lady Liberty?

If you're traveling down route 322 towards the city of Harrisburg, the river will be to your right. If you're traveling northound towards State College it will be to your left. To get the best view of Lady Liberty you'll want to be traveling south towards Harrisburg. As soon as you go through Dauphin you'll come to a railroad underpass...the statue is a short distance past the underpass to your right. You have to be looking for it and look only get a few seconds to see it. 

Looking for a better, close-up view? You'll have to rent a boat and paddle out to the Dauphin Narrows area in the Susquehanna River. You can find boat rentals in Marysville and at other places. The area is a popular fishing spot with locals, so you'll often see boats out in the water. 

Note: You can double-click on the photograph to get it to open up in a new window and in an enlarged size which will give you a more close up view.

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