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Friday, January 7, 2022

The World War II Bunker on the Beach in Cape May

World War II Bunker on the Beach in Cape May

Cape May Point State Park is the home to a World War II Bunker on the beach. It's better known as battery 223 and is made out of reinforced concrete which has rusted over the years. It sits right on the sandy beach and only yards away from the shore. These days...may local seabirds call the structure home. 

To get to it you'll want to head to the Cape May Point State Park and enter through the entrance. Drive through the entire parking lot and park near the entrance to the beach and hawk watch area. Parking and admission is free. Look for the sign and start walking.

World War II Bunker on the Beach in Cape May

On the sandy path that leads to the beach you'll find a few information boards that you can stop to read. We found them to be informative. Both sides of the path you'll find many different species of butterflies. I was able to photograph a few during our walk. The walk is fairly short and easy.

Once you get to the top you'll find two more information boards that will give you some of the history on the bunker. Look towards the left and you'll see it sitting on the beach. If you would like to go further out onto the beach and towards the bunker you can. However, you're not permitted to get too close. 

World War II Bunker on the Beach in Cape May

When big storms come through the area the water will rise and completely surround it. Example - hurricanes, tropical storms, nor 'easters, etc. If you look closely you'll see that a lot of sand has accumulated on the top and has become habitat for local seabirds. The entire structure looks strange to me!

If you would like to learn even more about it head back down the path and towards the Cape May Lighthouse. You'll see a building that sits to the left called the Cape May State Park Museum. It's a small building and inside you'll find an exhibit that gives you even more history on the World War II Bunker that's sitting out there on the beach. That little museum is free to visit too! 

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