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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Fun Things You Can Collect While Traveling

We love to travel and are blessed that we can travel regularly. We enjoy exploring new places and seeing new things. Over the decades I started collecting fun things from the places that we’ve visited. I personally collect thimbles and refrigerator magnets but there’s a host of other things you can collect too!

What you collect doesn't have to be expensive it can be free! You can select small items that don't take up a lot of display or storage space...or go big! You can collect all kinds of fun things to remind you of your travels. If you like collecting breakable/delicate things you should pack them in your luggage carefully. Tucking them inside a pair of socks or wrapping them in a t-shirt will keep them safe until you get home.
Fun Things You Can Collect While Traveling

Fun Things You Can Collect While Traveling 

Refrigerator Magnets
Housekeeping/Maid Services Door Knob Signs
Souvenir Bottle Openers
Restaurant Menus
Sewing Thimbles
Admission Tickets, Concert Tickets
Parking Passes
Casino Chips and Game Tokens
Pressed Souvenir Pennies
Paper & Cardboard Beverage Coasters
Room Key Slider Cards
Ashtrays (if you’re a smoker)
Souvenir Spoons
Paper Road Maps
Sightseeing Pamphlets, Travel Books & Brochures
Attraction and Location T-shirts
Shot Glasses
Bottles of Wine
Golf Balls
Coffee Mugs
Lapel Pins
Embroidered Patches
Christmas Tree Ornaments
Charms for a Bracelet or Charm Necklace
Nature Items (Seashells, Pinecones, River Rocks, Geodes, Acorns, etc.)

I always recommend writing on the item (if you can) the date and location. For example, you can buy permenant markers or paint pens and write July 4th, 2022 along with the location Orlando on the backside or bottom of the item. Of course...this isn't possible for all things that you collect. 

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