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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Ocean Wall Mural at the Dauphin Swimming Pool

Ocean Wall Mural at the Dauphin Swimming Pool

We're huge fans of street art and wall murals that we spot while traveling around. We try to highlight these works of art as often as possible on the travel blog. The most recent one that we spotted was painted on the side of the wall of the Dauphin Swimming Pool building in Dauphin, Pennsylvania. 

The wall mural takes up the entire side of the building. It was hard to get it all in one photograph due to the cars parked in the parking lot. On top of that, we had just rained making things slippery and wet. I was looking for an artist's signature or company who had painted it, but couldn't find one. I'll have to do a little research to obtain that information. 

Ocean Wall Mural at the Dauphin Swimming Pool

Artistically it depicts and underwater ocean them with sea turtles, jellyfish, dolphins, clam shells, coral, seaweed, and a small school of fish in the top left corner. Very colorful, so it looks like it was painted recently, within the past 1-2 years or they take really good care of it! If you look close you can spot the door to the building in the center of the mural underneath the welcome.

To the right of the building you'll find the fenced-in inground swimming pool that is used by the local residents in Dauphin. You have to pay for a yearly membership or pay by the day (according to a local resident who spoke with us). 

the Dauphin Swimming Pool in Dauphin, Pennsylvania

Other than this one wall mural, we spotted no other murals or fun street art while driving around the borough of Dauphin in Pennsylvania. With that said, we really enjoyed seeing it.

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