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Monday, December 20, 2021

Annual Holiday Tradition - Hershey Sweet Lights

Hershey Sweet Lights - Christmas in Hershey Pennsylvania

Ten years ago we started an annual holiday tradition by visiting Hershey Sweet Lights with our grandchildren every year. We like to go early in the season to prevent long lines and crowds. It's typically open right after Thanksgiving and through the first of the New Year. The closer you get to Christmas, the busier they get.

You'll want to clean all car windows before you go and pack a few throw blankets to help stay warm. We will often roll down windows to get a better look at the lights. We recommend visiting a restroom before you arrive. The ONLY public restroom is a porta-potty which isn't the cleanest thing on earth. You must stay in your vehicle at all times unless you stop to use the restroom which is located near the entrance.
Hershey Sweet Lights - Christmas in Hershey Pennsylvania

Hershey Sweet Lights - Christmas in Hershey Pennsylvania

Hershey SweetLights charges per automobile (type) not by person. We had a car full and it cost us $40.00 to get in. I can remember when it was a much more reasonable price. Buses, etc. cost more. Prices are posted at the entrance. Each vehicle will receive 2 pairs of 3-D glasses. If you have your own...bring them along.

If they're not crowded you can typically get through all of the Christmas lights in 30-45 minutes. Depending on how fast or slow you go. When they're crowded and have two lanes going it will take much longer to get through. We once spent 65-70 minutes there when we went late in the season one year. Hence, why we like to go early in the season.
Hershey Sweet Lights - Christmas in Hershey Pennsylvania

Take your time driving through the Christmas lights. Don't let vehicles behind you push you too fast. There are a few places where you can pull over and let them pass you if they feel you're going to slow. I don't let folks like that bother me as we're there to have a good time...not to run a race.

Every year it's pretty much the same as the year before. Once in awhile we'll notice a minor change or two, but overall it's pretty much the same thing year, after year. I really wish they would get some new light displays to keep things interesting for those who visit year after year. Regardless, it's still a nice place to visit during the Christmas holiday season.

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jopb said...

This looks like a great light show to see. We enjoy driving trough different light shows and enjoying all the colors and different designs.