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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Harry V Groome Jr Historical Marker at Sunset Beach

Harry V Groome Jr Historical Marker at Sunset Beach

The Ens. Harry V. Groome, Jr. historical marker is located right on Sunset Beach in Cape May, New Jersey. The marker overlooks the Delaware Bay. It's near the Atlantus Sunken Ship (Concrete Ship) that sits right offshore and within walking distance from the World War II Lookout Tower tourist attractions. 

Here's the information contained on the historical marker.

Ens. Harry V. Groome, Jr.

Near this site May 23, 1945, Ens. Groome perished in the bay while on a Corsair training flight from Naval Air Station Wildwood. 

Naval Air Station Wildwood, Aviation Museum, Cape May County Airport.

Atlantus Sunken Concrete Ship - Sunset Beach, Cape May, New Jersey

Sunset Beach has 2 on-site gift shops where you can shop for gifts and souvenirs, their own Beach Grille where you can pick up a light bite to eat, and they have their own 18-hole mini golf course which is really fun to play. Two parking lots offer visitors and shoppers free parking. 

The first photograph shows the historical marker. In the second photograph you'll see the Atlantus Sunken Concrete Ship which sits right offshore. I guess I should say, what's left of the ship. If you're looking for a small beach to sit on that doesn't require beach tags (it's free), you can do that too! 

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