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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The Joe Stamile Amphitheater Wall Mural in Wildwood

Joe Stamile Amphitheater Wall Mural in Wildwood New Jersey

We enjoy checking out outdoor street art, wall murals, and sculptures when we travel. It's always fun to discover new artists (most are local to the particular area) and to see something new. More and more towns and cities across America are getting into this form of artistic expression to beautiful otherwise drab outdoor spaces. 

While on a trip down to Wildwood in New Jersey we stumbled upon the Joe Stamile Amphitheater Wall Mural by MG Signs (one of our favorite mural companies) on the back of the Doo Wop Museum building. The back of the building has a little performance stage and is attached to a park...hence the Joe Stamile Amphitheater name. 

Joe Stamile Amphitheater Wall Mural in Wildwood New Jersey

The wall mural depicts the names of various old retail establishments that were part of the Wildwood scene. You'll see the Penalty Box, Hotel Hofbrau, Club Esquire, Lincoln, Blue Heaven, Shamrock, Stardust, Riptide, Hurrican, Martinique, Gingham Club, Lucky Club Cafe, Savoy, Emerald, Elmira Cafe, Surf Club, etc. 

It's quite large in size with the majority of it done in beautiful bright colors and a small portion done in black and white. The MG Signs signature is on the bottom right of the wall mural. You can find a ton of MG Signs Wall Murals depicted and documented on our travel blog.

Joe Stamile Amphitheater Wall Mural in Wildwood New Jersey

On the day that we were there...the weather was terrible! Downpouring rain, winds clocking in at 30-40 our photographs aren't the best. We'll be getting new ones when we're back down for vacation later this year. It's a must-see muralif you're going to be in the area. 

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