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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Anglesea Railroad Station Historical Marker in North Wildwood

When traveling we always take the time to seek out historical markers along the way. Millions of people just drive or walk by them every year without giving them a glance. Historical markers contain local historic information about the area you live in or visiting. Often times facts that you don't learn in history books nor online. They're a great source of information.

While on a road trip down to the south Jersey Shore we stumbled upon the new Anglesea Railroad Station historical marker in North Wildwood, New Jersey. 
Anglesea Railroad Station Historical Marker in North Wildwood

Here's the information.

Borough of Anglesea 1885-1906
Anglesea Railroad Station

The first and only station of the Anglesea Railroad was built on this site in 1884. Plaqued by erratic service and a right-of-way susceptible to flooding, the Anglesea Railroad soon went bankrupt and was taken over by the West Jersey Railroad in 1888. The station here was then converted into a freight dock known as the "Fish Depot", where the daily catch of Hereford Inlet's fishing fleet was shipped to Camden and Philadelphia.

City of North Wildwood, New Jersey

Veteran's Memorial in North Wildwood New Jersey

The building is no longer there. Matter of fact...the space was turned into a little park containing Veteran Memorials and a brand new Gold Star Families memorial is planned for 2023. There's a park bench you can sit on and a paved walking path around the little park. 

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