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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Colorful Eye-Catching Street Art in Wildwood

Wildwood Sightseer Boardwalk Tram Car Street Art

We're big fans of outdoor street art, wall murals, sculptures, statues, etc. that we see when we're traveling. It's a fun way for a business to advertise while adding beauty to a particular area, plus it gives local artists a way to advertise their talents. 

A few months ago we were down in Wildwood, New Jersey and spotted a few that really caught our eye. For example, down Rio Grande Ave. the main avenue onto and off of the island you'll find eletrical boxes painted in different Wildwood beach themes. They're bright and colorful, definitely better than seeing a standard metal box sitting alongside the road. 

Live by the Sun Street Art in Wildwood, New Jersey

We photographed three of our favorites featuring the Wildwood Sightseer Boardwalk Tram Car, Love by the Moon, and the Live By The Sun artworks. Aren't they beautiful? Yes, they are!

Love by the Moon Street Art in Wildwood

While driving down Atlantic Ave. We spotted a colorful wall mural on one side of Roxy's building and then on the other side (the front side) we spotted the Tiki Tom's flamingo pink camping trailer. They sell frozen treats out of it during the summer tourist season. Very unique and colorful. Definitely grabs your attention when passing by.

Roxy's and Tiki Tom's on Atlantic Ave. in Wildwood

If you're interested in seeing more street art and wall murals on the Wildwood island you can check out our previous blog posts. There are over 100+ beautiful wall murals, sculptures, statues, memorial markers, etc. that you can see. A haven for those like us who enjoy seeing outdoor street art.

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