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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Covered Bridges Driving Tour Through Indiana County

Thomas Covered Bridge in Indiana Pennsylvania

Indiana County
is home to four historic covered bridges. Whether you're just passing through the area or live within the state...they're a great place to visit. We enjoy taking day trips around the great state of Pennsylvania while driving the backroads and visiting the small towns. On this particular day trip we enjoyed visiting the covered bridges.

You'll find four of them located in Indiana County with all being constructed in the late 1800's to early 1900's. The four bridges are: Harmon, Kintersburg, Trusal, and Thomas. The Thomas Covered Bridge is the only one that is still open to traffic. All are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
4 Covered Bridges of Indiana County, Pennsylvania

All four are within easy driving distance from one another. We visited all four in less than 2 hours of driving time. Trust me, we took our good old time with stopping off to shop at a little local country general store along the way. 

Thomas Covered Bridge is located on 280 Thomas Covered Bridge Road in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Kintersburg Covered Bridge is located on 2730 Musser Road in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Trusal Covered Bridge is located on 1961 Trusal Road in Creekside, Pennsylvania.

Harmon Covered Bridge is located on 2725 Donahue Road in Creekside, Pennsylvania. 
Trusal Covered Bridge in Creekside, Pennsylvania

The Harmon and Trusal Bridges are companion bridges located on the South Branch of Plum Creek just off Five Points Road. All four are located in a picturesque farm setting. Great for couple engagement and family photographs.

You can find a free driving tour map located on the Indiana County Parks website. You can download the PDF drving map HERE. All of the addresses posted above for each bridge are accurate and worked perfectly when used in our GPS. We had no problem finding them.
Kintersburg Covered Bridge in Indiana, Pennsylvania

We were doing the driving tour as part of a day trip experience. My wife packed up a picnic style lunch, snacks, and beverages in a cooler. We enjoyed our picnic lunch while visiting the Trusal Bridge since we could safely park there and get out to walk around. If you wish to do the same, you'll find plenty of areas along the way that you can utilize for a little picnic-style lunch.

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