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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Beautiful Coastal Street Art in Wildwood New Jersey

Live By The Sun Mural Street Art in Wildwood, New Jersey

Driving around the Wildwood island you'll find hundreds, if not thousnds examples of street art. The majority of it was made by local artists and companies. Every year you see new additions being added. From the north end of the island to the south end of the island you can discover something beautiful to see.

The Live By The Sun mural was painted on a downtown utility box that sits at an intersection. You'll find several painted utility boxes on Rio Grande and Pacific Avenues. It's sponsored by the Greater Wildwood Tourism Improvement & Development Authority. All of the ones sponsored by GWTIDA are beach and Wildwood themed.

Wall Mural Street Art in Wildwood, New Jersey

While driving around we stumbled upon another utility box sponsored by someone else. We couldn't find a signature or date on this one. It features a blue sky, white clouds and seagulls flying around. That motif is depicted on all sides of the utility box. Not as pretty as the first one but definitely colorful.

Wall Mural Street Art in Wildwood, New Jersey

On the west side of the island at the canal area we found a beautiful wall mural by MG Signs. MG Signs happens to be one of our favorite outdoor wall mural companies! We've documented tons of their murals on our blog and Pinterest board. Gorgeous artwork for sure! 

Wall Mural Street Art in Wildwood, New Jersey

MG Signs fans will love the new Island Breeze advertising mural located up in North Wildwood. It was painted in 2022. It's painted on a little "out building" about 1 block back from the boardwalk. It's advertising the Island Breeze Motel being dog friendly. Very colorful and nicely done.

Wildwood by the Sea Neon Sign

Finally we wanted to show you a Doo Wop style Neon Sign located on the island once you come onto the island from the main bridge from Rio Grande. It's right before the new McDonald's fast food restaurant if you're looking for it. It's been an icon on the Wildwood island for decades! 

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