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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

I used our Beaverton 4g internet connection to book our entire ski trip this year! My husband was really impressed because I saved us a ton of money by not using a travel agent and ended up getting some really great deals. I bought all of our lift tickets for the week off of Google Offers of Groupon. The best deal that I got was half of a day ticket and the worst price that I got was twenty five percent off, not too shabby! I found us a really great house to rent. I found it on a website called VRBO.COM. Basically, the owners of the homes list the properties and you can communicate with them. They are often interested in negotiating prices. I was able to book our flights on the best days to get the best deals. We ended up saving so much money and having such a great time, that my husband jokes around and says that I should start a new career of being a travel agent. I could work from my laptop and charge a five percent fee!