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Friday, March 30, 2012

Plan the Honeymoon of Your Dreams on Honeymoonwishes

Plan the Honeymoon of Your Dreams on HoneymoonwishesWhere Friends and Family Can Gift Brides and Grooms Memorable Honeymoon Experiences
Designed to create bridal registries that center on the honeymoon, Honeymoonwishes is geared toward couples seeking honeymoon experiences instead of standard wedding gifts like toasters and towels

With nearly 70% of all engaged couples living together before their wedding day, many already have everything they need for their married lives. What if wedding guests could give the couple something they definitely don’t have? Something so much better than standard wedding presents? Brides and grooms are raving about the gifts they have received on Honeymoonwishes where their friends and family can choose from the couple’s dream list of honeymoon experiences to give as wedding gifts, including romantic dinners, golf outings, massages, sightseeing excursions, and more.
Plan the Honeymoon of Your Dreams on Honeymoonwishes

Newly engage couples simply register with Honeymoonwishes choose their honeymoon destination, and then choose which activities, outings, meals, etc. they would like to have gifted. By registering for their honeymoon, couples can get the honeymoon getaway they’ve always dreamed of. And Honeymoonwishes isn’t just for wedding couples. Wedding guests love it too. Hundreds of thousands of wedding guests have enjoyed Honeymoonwishes for its simplicity, ease of use with shopping online, and because they know that they are buying a gift that won’t be returned. The site not only allows wedding guests to view the bride’s and groom’s honeymoon gift wishes and purchase those gifts directly from the site, but also has a social tool allowing wedding guests to become part of this special time interacting with the couple and their destination.

Launched in 2003, Honeymoonwishes directly connects brides and grooms to resorts, cruise lines, and travel companies in destinations around the world. Many of Honeymoonwishes gift registry options are specific to the resorts, cruise lines, and wedding venues that couples choose, making the site much more than just a cash collecting service. And there is no guess work when using Honeymoonwishes The items that are available have been carefully selected by Honeymoonwishes team and are tastefully showcased.

Using is simple. A bride can simply register for free and with the help of their significant other choose their honeymoon location from the site’s list of resorts, cruises, and destinations worldwide. Once they have selected their honeymoon location, couples then choose which “honeymoon experiences and memories” they would like to have, such as snorkeling and diving excursions, hikes, tours, golfing, massages, romantic dinners, and more. Couples then send their wedding guests a link to their Honeymoonwishes registry where guests can make their gift purchases.

About Honeymoonwishes: Created in 2003, Honeymoonwishes is the world's leading and most trusted registry having served over 215,000 couples. Global travel brands such as Sandals, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Starwood, as well as 108,000 travel agents and wedding professionals use Honeymoonwishes as their exclusive registry provider. In 2010, to meet the demand of “online experience registries,” the company expanded into birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. The Wall Street Journal, and recommend. The site also has a sister organization, Our Perfect Honeymoon, a gift registry for gay and lesbian couples. For more information about

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