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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Visiting the National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland

National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland
The National Aquarium also referred to as the Baltimore Aquarium by locals is located in downtown Baltimore Maryland, at Inner Harbor. When visiting, you will have to locate one of the downtown parking garages that are within walking distance to the facility.

You can purchase tickets at the door but we highly suggest you order them online and skip the long lines that often form. In addition, they get really busy and we recommend that you visit very early in the morning or after 4pm in the afternoon and try to visit them during the weekdays if you can.
National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland
When you visit the aquarium you will learn about all kinds of different marine life: jellyfish, various sharks, angelfish, eels, puffer fish, seahorse, clownfish, stingrays, crabs, snails, the octopus, sea stars, lobsters and many more!

In addition to the marine life you can get up close and personal with several species of birds: puffin, finch, lorikeet, macaw, parrot and several others who call the Baltimore Aquarium home.
National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland
What I found surprising during our visit is that they also have several species of mammals and reptiles there too! You will find the golden lion tamarin, the sloth, flying fox, two-toed sloth, bottlenose dolphin, python snake, diamondback terrapin turtle, green tree boa snake, a snapping turtle, freshwater crocodile, bullfrog and the tree frog to name just a few surprises that we saw when we visited.

We took the family one afternoon and really enjoyed ourselves. We were able to get up close and personal with many of the animals on display and we took our time going through all of the exhibits that we wanted to see. You will do a lot of walking and it was very crowded on the day that we visited.  You will want to plan ahead if you can!
National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland

After visiting you can find other things to do at Baltimore Inner Harbor like shopping, dining and boating. During this particular afternoon the family rented some paddle boats and took them for a spin around the harbor. Lot's of great family fun!

You can learn more about the National Aquarium in Baltimore at Inner Harbor by visiting their site online. In our honest opinion, it is definitely one of the nicest...if not the nicest aquarium to visit here in the northeast and middle Atlantic states.

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jopb said...

Although I live in the northeast I have not traveled through Pennsylvania nor visited Baltimore. The more I read your travel blog the more I want to go there. The Baltimore National Aquarium in Maryland is definitely a place I would visit. It looks modern and enjoyable.