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Monday, December 28, 2015

David Dunleavy SeaLife Wall Mural in Cape May

David Dunleavy SeaLife Wall Mural in Cape May New Jersey
Several weeks ago I started a new feature here on my travel blog where I highlight some of the beautiful street art and wall murals that we find when we are out and about traveling around this great country of ours. I love street art and I am pretty excited to be featuring another hand-painted wall mural again today.

This sea life wall mural is by the talented artist David Dunleavy who has an entire sealife series that he has done. You can find them in several different states and he has a listing of them on his web site.

This particular one is called "Cape May Legends" and measures 65 feet high by 300 feet long. it's quite large and I just love it! It's located on the side of a large building in downtown Cape May, New Jersey and faces a large parking lot.

It was dedicated back in August 2000 and if you go to his web can see the beautiful bright colors that it once had. Obviously over the years (15 years later) the sun has faded it but in my opinion, it's still beautiful to see.

You can learn more about all of the SeaLife Wall Murals that artist David Dunleavy has done and where they are located at by visiting his site online. I am in just in "awe" every time I see one of his beautiful works of art!

Note: Click on the photo in this blog post. It will open in a new window and in an enlarged size. This will allow you to view all of the pretty details close-up!

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jopb said...

you have shown other murals done by David Dunleavy and they are all beautiful. This one would be magnificent to see on the wall because it is so large and would be a breathtaking sight