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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Atlantic Blue Marlin Wall Mural in Stone Harbor

Atlantic Blue Marlin Wall Mural in Stone Harbor by David Dunleavy
My husband and I do a lot of traveling (obviously, since we have this blog) and we love to check out local wall murals and street art when we visit new travel destinations. On top of that, we are big fans of artist David Dunleavy's artwork and wall murals and had to check out the one located in Stone Harbor New Jersey.

The one I'm featuring today is titled "Moment of Strike" and it features the Atlantic Blue Marlin which is decreasing quickly in numbers. We all need to be more responsible when it comes to fishing, over-fishing and eating sustainable seafood & fish. We all need to do our part!
Atlantic Blue Marlin Wall Mural in Stone Harbor
I had a really hard time trying to get a clear shot of this particular wall mural due to all of the boats parked there in the parking lot and cars coming in & out. On top of that, there were some smaller trees blocking my shot. Sigh. You can see a nice unobstructed photo of the mural on David Dunleavy's website in his mural gallery.

This particular one is located right as you come into Stone Harbor New Jersey on the main drag into the coastal town. It's painted on the side of a big building, facing the road as you drive in. It measures 35 feet high by 110 feet long, so you can't miss it, if you're looking for it. It was painted and dedicated in 2012 by the artist to encourage catch and release practice within recreational fishing as a technique of conservation to prevent over-harvest of fish stocks and habitat degradation.

You can learn more about David Dunleavy and his beautiful wall murals and artwork by visiting the artist's website online. He's one of our favorite artists and we love viewing his various murals when we can find them! You'll find other posts right here on our travel blog that feature them.

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