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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Union Canal Historical Marker in Middletown

For the past few years we've been driving around the state of Pennsylvania and documenting some of the historical markers that we come across. The information contained on these historical markers document our forgotten past. Thousands of people pass by them on a daily basis and don't even give them a second look. Well, we're trying to change that, by documenting them here on our blog.

The Union Canal Historical Marker is located on PA. Route 230 traveling through Middletown, Pennsylvania. You'll find it sitting right alongside Swatara Creek. It's part of the Union Canal Marker Series. Here's the information:
Union Canal Historical Marker in Middletown Pennsylvania

Union Canal

This canal was operated from 1828-1884. It connected the Susquehanna at Middletown with the Schuylkill at Reading, following the Swatara and Tulpehocken Creeks. Much coal and iron ore were transported. Course of canal was just west of old mill race.

By: 1949 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

If you want to photograph it for your records, there is a little pull-off area right alongside the road. Just be careful when getting out of your vehicle as it's a heavily traveled area with a lot of traffic at times.

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