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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Beautiful Street Art Around Downtown Wildwood

We enjoy visiting the Wildwoods a few times ever year and often spend our time exploring new (and old) areas on the island. Many people who vacation in the Wildwoods will go down to enjoy the beach & boardwalk and never explore the downtown area. That's fine and dandy, but the downtown area has a lot to offer visitors too!
Pacific Laundry Beach Life Wall Mural in Wildwood New Jersey

In downtown Wildwood you'll find all kinds of different restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, souvenir & gift shops, a museum, boutique stores, consignment shops, night clubs, sport's bars, a bowling alley, retail stores, miniature golf courses, ice cream parlors and a lot more!

With all of that said...I wanted to focus on some of the street art and wall murals that you'll find in Wildwood that's not up on the boardwalk. That's right, you can see some of these beautiful street art pieces while driving and/or walking around the downtown business areas across the island.
Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Wildwood New Jersey

Uncle Bill's Pancake House is a popular place to pick up breakfast and/or brunch. Visitors will be greeted by this fun wall mural painted on the side of their building. Every time I see makes me smile and it's one of my grandchildren's favorites to see. We couldn't find an artist signature.
Pacific Laundry Beach Life Wall Mural in Wildwood New Jersey

Pacific Laundry is located on Pacific Avenue (one of the main drags running north to south through the island) is a public laundromat. While I don't recommend washing your clothes there, you will find this fun "beach life" wall mural painted along one of their walls. It depicts a perfect summertime day at the beach. We couldn't find an artist signature.
Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor Wall Mural in North Wildwood, New Jersey

Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor is one of the most famous places to get ice cream on the island. They've been featured on the Travel Channel and are decked out in a fun retro 1950's and 60's theme inside and out! You'll find several fun retro wall murals outside their ice cream parlor and if you want a real treat...head indoors for some delicious ice cream while you're there.

Street Art in Downtown Wildwood New Jersey

Traffic Light Electrical Boxes all over the downtown Wildwood area have been given an artistic look. As we drove around we found at least 8 of them and all were painted with a different design and in vibrant colors. All of them depict something to see or do while visiting the area. The one shown above is my favorite one so far!
Street Art Around Downtown Wildwood in New Jersey

We were driving down Pacific Avenue and stumbled upon the above mural painted on someone's front door. It depicts surfboards on the beach. There is an artist's signature in the bottom right corner but I wasn't close enough to make it out. If you know who the artist is...drop me a comment and I will update my post.
Street Art Around Downtown Wildwood in New Jersey

Last one...check out this retail store in the downtown area that has a pink sand bucket as their doorway!!! How fun is that??? I couldn't locate a store name anywhere on the outside of the building, but it's definitely some type of beach gift shop & souvenir store.

If you enjoy looking at outdoor street art and wall can find a ton of our posts right here on our Travel blog and you'll want to check out our street art Pinterest board for even more. While cruising around the Wildwoods we've documented over 40+ wall murals so far!!!

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