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Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Historic Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hummelstown

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hummelstown Pennsylvania

We enjoy visiting small hometowns and checking out their local history. You can learn a lot by visiting their local historical society, churches, graveyards, diners, library, borough office, etc. Every small town has a history that is waiting to be explored.

Hummelstown in Pennsylvania is one of those towns. It sits right outside of Hershey and is about a 15 minute drive from Harrisburg or a 40 minute drive from Lancaster. It's a beautiful town with a main street, town square, a diner, a few restaurants, parks, etc. all within the borough limits.

Right on Main Street you'll find the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. It's a beautiful old stone church that has been around since 1815 and is still in operation today. There's a historical marker on the side of the building that gives you some of the church's history. 

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hummelstown Pennsylvania

Zion Evangelical Luthern Church

1753 - Earliest record of congregational meeting.

1756 - Land donated for church by Fredrick & Rosina Hummel.

May 16, 1766 - Log church building dedicated, destroyed by fire December 1817.

May & September 1769 - Visits by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg.

February 13th, 1806 - Congregation Incorporated.

May 15th, 1815 - Cornerstone laid for limestone church building, enlarged 1855.

1857 - First parsonage erected where Brownstone Church stands.

January 22nd, 1893 - Brownstone Church building dedicated.

March 17th, 1912 - Dedicated remodeled church Sunday school & Parsonage.

December 8th, 1957 - Dedication Annie B. Nye Educational Unit & new Parsonage. 

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hummelstown Pennsylvania

All of the above information was taken directly from the historical marker information plaque on the side of the church. We wanted to include it in our post for anyone who is looking for that type of information. 

4-5 times a year we enjoy visiting Hummelstown to shop, eat, attend the local Arts Festival and other area events. Within a few minutes driving distance you'll find Hersheypark, the Giant Center, Indian Echo Caverns, Hershey Chocolate World, the Hershey Story Museum, etc. There are plenty of restaurants, attractions and lodging available nearby. 

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jopb said...

This does look like a beautiful old church. I would love to visit it and the town of Hummelstown in Pennsylvania.