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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bobby Hay-4-All Cow Parade Statue in Mechanicsburg

The Cow Parade is one of the largest and most successful public art events in the world. All of the cows in the parade are life-size and were painted by various artists. They are then put on display, sold or auctioned off to raise money. Individuals, groups and companies can sponsor an artist and/or artistic cow design.

According to their web site, over 250 million people worldwide have seen at least one of their artistic cows on display. I know here in south central Pennsylvania, I have seen them a few times...mainly at local tourist attractions and events.
Bobby Hay-4-All Cow Parade Statue in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania

We love street art and when we travel...we try to document what we see. Luckily for us, Harrisburg Pennsylvania and the surrounding area has several of the commissioned pieces that have been featured in the Cow Parade. If you want to see a few of the other artistic bovines that we've located in the area, you can read our previous Cow Parade feature on that.

Today we're documenting another one of these beloved bovines that is located in the Harrisburg area. The name of this cow is Bobby Hay-4-All and it was done by local artist Mary Lundeen. It's totally decked-out in a racing car theme. You'll find it located at the Bobby Rahal auto dealership located on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Looking for more of these beloved Cow Parade statues in the Harrisburg area? Check out our previous post for the Recy-Cow, Cattle of Gettysburg, Arches Over The River, the Joe-Pa Joe Paterno Cow, the Mootivational Cow, Space Cow and more by checking out our Street Art & Wall Murals category on the blog.

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