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Friday, December 13, 2019

The Historic Cape May United Methodist Church

Cape May United Methodist Church in New Jersey
The historic Cape May United Methodist Church is an official United Methodist historic site located at 635 Washington Street in Cape May, New Jersey. It's right down the street from the Washington Street Mall and is located right beside Cape May City Hall. They welcome visitors (and locals) to all of their worship services.

While visiting Cape May we stumbled upon this old church and were fascinated with its history. You can read all about its history by visiting their web page HERE. On the day that we were visiting no one was inside...but we were free to walk around the grounds. One of the things that caught our eye was the large CLOCK up on the steeple. If you visit their history page you'll learn that the Town Clock was placed in the steeple in 1857 and continues to operate today.
Cape May United Methodist Church in New Jersey

Cape May United Methodist Church in New Jersey

In front of the church you'll notice a flagpole, a large bell and a stone memorial. Underneath the bell was a metal plaque that has information on it about The Community Town Clock. As you can see from our photos...its really worn and it was hard to make out the wordage.

We believe it says the following:

1985 The Community Town Clock 1985

Made possible by contributions of the citizens of Cape May and the estate of the late Evelyn M. Johnson. Serving the peoples of all faiths.

We're assuming that the old bell is an old church bell although we didn't see any plaques out in front to identify it or give us any history on it.
United Methodist Church Historic Site in Cape May, New Jersey

There is an old stone monument that was placed there in September 1976 by Bishop C. Dale. According to their website this stone monument became an official United Methodist historic site. Again, you can read all about the history on their website. Really interesting about how the church came to be, how its been renovated over the years, etc.

Its always fun to stumble upon things like this when we're traveling. We often take photographs and then once we're home we'll do some research on what we saw. What a fun learning experience.

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